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In this site contain Offense BGs attacking method, Defense BGs attacking method and BGs reward calculation I given the detailed explanation and example also provided for BGs attacking method. This site help you to increase your army and save many troops with proper way of attacking BGs.


After the arrival of the Ice Queen, the different races had no real option except to meet up and choose one (woefully underqualified) pioneer - King Bjorn. As one of his Lord Marshals, you are in charge of building and overseeing your own one of a kind Nordic Stronghold, complete with a diverse populace of mythical people, orcs, norsemen and winged serpents - none of whom are especially attached to one another. To succeed in the unfriendly states of ceaseless winter, you'll have to deliver Resources, develop structures and fortresses, and train your own armed force inside of your Stronghold. Your neighbors will be doing likewise - attempt to stay a stage in front of them, or be prepared to fight off their attack endeavors!


In what capacity would you be able to keep focused of your adversaries in a solidified no man's land? Learning is force, Lord Marshal. Sign Blood Pacts with different tribes of Orcs, Elves, Norsemen and Dragons to profit by their astuteness and abilities. Marking and updating Blood Pacts will empower you to enroll new Units, enhance the preparation of your current ones, and assemble new structures for exchange and knowledge.


There are three essential Resources in Nords that you'll have to survive - Fish, Mushrooms, and Fire Ale! These can all be found inside of your Stronghold, yet you'll need to develop them by building Fisherman's Huts, Mushroom Patches and Breweries, and manufacture Storehouses and Alehouses so nothing goes to squander. As your Stronghold develops, you may discover you require much more supplies. You can finish this by developing exceptional structures to help creation - or there's dependably the choice of attacking and your adversary Lord Marshals' Strongholds... simply make sure your armed force is sufficiently solid to rise successful!